maskit Couture

Since 1954

The Maskit Couture line is the high-end collection of the fashion house. Sharon Tal, head designer of Maskit fashion house, draws its inspiration from the heritage of the brand and its timeless creations. Maskit merges values of high quality without compromise, uniqueness, authenticity, and a connection to the place and history from which it comes. Maskit inspiration is the diverse cultures in Israel, the rich history of the place, the archeology and the geographical route.

it is also approached as a way of establishing luxury in the sense that authenticity has become hard to find in many areas, and in fashionable clothing in particular. Maskit is authentic in the fabrics and other materials they use,the methods they apply, and the personal and attentive treatment and service they would provide to their customers. The fashion house uses soft and natural fabrics as in the past.The collections are produced in Israel and all thetimeless uniques designs are made at Makit's atelier in Tel Aviv

bar dress

lily dress

stone dress

orian dress

lola dress

Noya Shirt


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