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Maskit Matana

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Laurie Goldstein

Laurie Goldstein has been creating functional ceramics and interior design objects in her studio since 1995. Much of her influence and technique comes from her set and costume design background. Making functional pots grants her the rare privilege of being part of peoples’ lives through their daily rituals of eating and drinking, alone or in social settings. Additionally, through Laurie’s pleasurable and sensual work with clay, she successfully showcases her artistic, aesthetic and engineering skills. Ultimately, her work lets her be a part, humbly, of the tradition of ceramics making. As she works, she considers form, size, weight and color to suit the function she’s aiming for, all in relation to the human body and the domestic space. She also welcomes chance and spontaneity and the freshness they bring with them. Her building technique with slabs reflects her attraction to architecture and architectural elements and sensibilities; in maintaining the softness and sensuality of clay, she relies on patterning and sewing techniques from her past experience in costume design.

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