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Maskit Matana

Animal Collection

Adit Laadan

Adit Laadan, an Israeli intuitive sculptor: ” When I enter the studio I have a general idea as to the direction I plan to create in; I prepare a blueprint and let the material lead me through curiosity to the end result. This is a process I equate to a pregnancy, wherein its duration, the visual of the baby is unclear. I take part in the creative process but there is also a spontaneous development of the sculpture. The material has a mind of its own, and while I give it a shape, I uncover the visible from the invisible “.

The creative process is long and takes weeks, during which the sculpture is created, dried, painted and burnt three times at the maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius, and is then coated with gold.

Laadan, of Persian heritage, is influenced by her Family`s roots.

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עוקבות יקרות, חג שבועות מעבר לפינה ואנחנו מזמינים אתכן ליום מעצבת עם מעצבת המותג שרון טל, להרמת כוסית, סטיילינג אישי והצגת קולקציית הקיץ שלנו. מצפים לראותכן 🤍

שלישי הקרוב 24.5-נתניה עיר ימים- 12:00-16:00
שלישי הבא 31.5- כיכר המדינה-15:00-19:00
רביעי הבא 1.6- רמת השרון- 13:00-17:00

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