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Suit Up… The Maskit Way

July 12, 2022

We are lucky enough to live in a world where young girls have many empowered, ambitious female role models to look up to. If they want to be a lawyer, they can look to Michelle Obama. If they want to be an athlete, they can look to Serena Williams. And if they want to be the head of a fashion empire, they can look to Maskit’s own Sharon Tal.

Maskit head designer Sharon Tal

But what is one thing all of these strong, successful women have in common? They know how to dress in a way that makes them feel like their best selves. And this often includes a power suit or two. But the women’s suit was only created a century ago, and since then, it has evolved to mirror the fight for female empowerment.

Vintage Maskit fabric used in a Yves St. Laurent suit

The suffragette suit, which had a jacket, blouse, and ankle-length divided skirt, was made in the early 20th century to give women more freedom of movement. It was the first step toward women breaking free from the restrictions placed on them by society.

Soon after, Coco Chanel created the first female suit. Since it was inspired by menswear but had a skirt, it was still considered acceptable. But in the 1960s, Yves Saint Laurent designed a more radical look: Le smoking. This women’s tuxedo suit was a nod to men’s smoking jackets, and its masculine silhouette sparked controversy.

Coco Chanel created the first women’s suit. Image courtesy of Pinterest

The Yves St. Laurent Le smoking suit. Image courtesy of The Code Magazine

By the 1980s, women began taking power suits to the extreme. They wore big shoulder pads, loud colors, busy prints and decorative buttons. They tried to command authority by emulating the men they surrounded themselves with.

The ’80s power suit. Image courtesy of Pinterest

After the ‘80s, women started to tone down their suiting style. They stopped wearing shoulder pads and pussy bows, instead embracing their femininity.

Now, in the post-COVID-19 era, we are breaking out the suits once again. Laid-back suiting with looser silhouettes have become incredibly trendy as women begin dressing up for their in-person jobs or other events.

Below are 3 Maskit suits to make you feel cool, comfortable and confident for any occasion.

Vick Jacket & Cher Pants

Our Vick and Cher suit is the perfect combination of oversized and structured, so you can style it for any event. The Vick jacket is a blazer with a sharp-notched collar, and the Cher pants are high-rise trousers with a flattering slim-fit cut. The suit comes in a classic black color as well as a lighter sage green. Pair with a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual, everyday look, or wear it with a blouse and heels to the office. 

Our sage green Vick and Cher suit

Our black Vick and Cher suit

Limo Jacket & Mitchel Pants

Look no further than our Limo and Mitchel suit for a more relaxed look. Beautiful lapels and waist-cinching belt elevate the loose fit of the Limo jacket, and the high-waisted, straight-leg cut of the Mitchel pants match the effortless vibe. The look is available in sleek black or feminine ancient pink. Pair with boots or heels and a camisole on top for an elegant and comfy look.

Our black Limo and Mitchel suit

Our ancient pink Limo and Mitchel suit

Toni Jacket & Idan Pants

Our Toni and Idan suit is the ultimate feminine power suit. The Toni jacket is a wrap blazer with lapels extending past the collar into two straps that wrap around the waist of the coat so that the depth of the neckline and fit of the waist are adjustable. The Idan pants oppose the looser top with a high-rise waist and a tapered-leg cut. This suit comes in a relaxed gray or strong black color. Pair with a simple camisole and loafers for a chic day-to-night look.

Our gray Toni and Idan suit

Our black Toni and Idan suit

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