new collection! Winter 2023, a pullover for the women of the city

In honor of the launch of the winter collection, which was created with the urban lifestyle in mind, the exciting schedule, and the rich public space, we decided to focus on specially adapted designs to meet the need to wear an item that is relevant from day to night and that is comfortable and flattering at the same time.

The women of the city of Meschit work, study and spend time no matter how old they are, what job they work and where they spend time - they are the women of the city! The Mishchit fashion house consists of a 100% female team that lives in the cities and we all know the needs of urban clothing.

As part of the Mishkit lifestyle, which expresses the lifestyle of the brand's designer Sharon Tal, the collection includes items that are suitable for wearing from morning to evening, and suitable for the dynamic city life. The women of Meschit wear Meschit throughout the day, so the items must be integrated into different systems in a wonderful mix and match. They combine the items in a smart way so that they are worn from morning to evening. To work and then to a good restaurant, it's all a matter of combinations.

In the collection:

MbyMaskit - our accessible line which was launched a year and a half ago and since then has been a great success in Israel and around the world and is sold at prices accessible to the general public. The line includes jeans, suits and light evening dresses with magnificent hand-painted prints, knitwear, t-shirts and for the first time an accessible winter coat inspired by the iconic desert coat. The collection includes tailored suits, dresses in a variety of cuts, overalls, pants and shirts.

The jeans collection - in collaboration with the UTR brand , the second collection was extended to jeans Embroidered in flattering and varied cuts and cool denim suits.

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