One winning item, five different ways to wear it.

One winning item, five different ways to wear it.

Who said you have to buy a lot of items? We continue to believe that LESS IS MORE. It is better to have a few classic, high-quality and timeless items in the closet that can be worn in a variety of ways and combinations than a huge variety of items that spoil quickly and change every season. Investing in quality items prevents unnecessary waste of money and protects the planet.

So let's see how to do it!

First item - Omi shirt.

Meet the ultimate button-up, decorated with a front pocket and delicate buttons and made of a light and flowing fabric that feels just like a part of the body. The perfect partner for mix and match or a winter layered look.

Luke 1:

For an urban look, layer it with Madison jeans, a winter hat, high boots and tie the shirt at the waist.

Luke 2:

For a romantic Shelby look with a Nancy dress and an oversized bag in the color of Meschit's movement. Dry the shirt open like a top.

Luke 3:

For an edgy look, layer it with olive green leather pants and a berry shirt. Tie the shirt over the pants at the waist for a light and effortless look.

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