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Sharon was born in 1982 in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2004 she attended Shenkar college to pursue a degree in fashion design where she graduated with honors. Upon graduating from Shenkar, Sharon jetted to Europe, first interning under Alber Elbaz, head designer of Lanvin, then went on to work at Alexander Mcqueen as the head designer responsible for embroideries. Staying true to her roots, Sharon returned to Israel and is now the head designer of Maskit.

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In the early post WWII period, Ruth Dayan (then wife of the political icon Moshe Dayan) created the Maskit brand with a sense of purpose and social identity. She recognized the unique craft skills from different cultures and realized it could become a source of income for them. This is how her idea for Maskit originated. Ruth Schwartz (later Dayan) was born in 1917 in Haifa, Israel. In 1954, her vision became a reality and the Maskit brand was born. The Maskit Fashion House allowed Ruth to create over 2,000 jobs for new immigrants, empower women and preserve the ethnic crafts and culture from communities all over the world. In addition to creating a top fashion house and providing work for new immigrants, Ruth Dayan has worked for decades on behalf of children welfare, the rights of Bedouins and women’s causes. She is one of the founders of the children’s charity organization Variety Israel as well as the founder of a Jewish–Arab social group, Brit Bnei Shem (Ibnaa Sam). She is a council member of Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights, and is on the board of directors of The Center for Jewish-Arab economic development. Today, Ruth Dayan lives in Tel Aviv and at the age of 96, she is still providing the inspiration and motivation to change the world

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